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Public Charter School Commission

Autonomy, Accountability, Access.

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The PCSC’s mission is to ensure authorized charter schools’ compliance with Idaho statute, balance high standards of accountability with respect for charter school autonomy, and implement best authorizing practices to ensure charter school excellence for Idaho families. Learn more.

Idaho statute describes the process through which the PCSC may consider new charter petitions. Administrative rule and PCSC policy provide additional structure.

PCSC portfolio schools submit three reports directly to the authorizer and pay an authorizer fee annually. All public schools, including public charter schools, submit additional reports to the SDE and the SBE.

Idaho statute requires that all public charter schools in the state be periodically reviewed by their authorizer for the purpose of determining whether or not the charter school should continue operations. Public charter schools are considered for renewal every five years.

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As a public charter school gains experience and develops its student body over time, its board may choose to apply to the authorizer for an expansion or other changes to the school model.